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Becoming San Jaimt.

What good is a dream if you cannot turn it into a reality? Sanju Jaison popularly known as San Jaimt among his Hip-Hop fans has a story of long years of struggle. Sanju who started rapping at the age of 15 doing mainly covers of popular rap songs always wanted to create a name for himself.His shift from being an artist who loves to draw and paint to a passionate musician happened when he was in school. Wolfam was the stage name that he initially started to go by which means Ma Flow in reverse. He collaborated with many local artists and released multiple mixtapes by the mid-2000s. He released his songs on popular social media forums such as Orkut, my space, and Reverbnation, most of which are obsolete today. Most of his early songs were reflix versions of songs by popular artists such as Eminem,Fort minor, Dr. Dre, and Outlandish. In 2006 Sanju joins st joseph college for his engineering career. During his college days, he continued to write and perform songs in front of his friends. One of the most prime moments was meeting his mentor "Peter Mahesh" who was a musician who took care of the college music committee. During the making of the college album 6th module, Mahesh was seeking someone who could rap in the album. Sanju met peter through a mutual friend where their musical friendship began. They worked together for so many projects from there and eventually introduced Sanju to music director Alphonse Joseph in 2012 and debuted his first film. Peter even encouraged Sanju to keep San Jaimt as the stage name and to drop other names as they defined who he is. Today he has worked on multiple projects with renowned musicians from the Indian film fraternity alongside releasing his albums and singles back to back.

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