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"Things happening in my mind is insanity"

Fourth single from San Jaimts “Intensity” has been released on 7th of July and its epic.

My mind gives a whole new dimension to the album and just like the albums title; the song has so much intensity. Song has been beautifully designed to expose the battles between good and evil happening in an artists mind. The music video has been directed and edited by San Jaimt. The white masked antagonist played by himself Is very captivating and will leave you mesmerized at the same time.The whole concept is very well executed and definitely comes in the top 5 songs from the album “Intensity”.

Watch the music video right here.


look,am just trying to be me

you dont like how i grind?

go on and hate me,what else can you do to someone who shred emcees

you call yourself a rival,but when i step up

to the mic,why do u flee?

relax breath!

reason why i do this is simple

lot of things i gotta tell

lot of things been bothering me

and it swells

up with stress and agony

these battles happening within my mind is insanity

am the protagonist and the antagonist

i could be anything my mind picks

conviction or doubts

my insecurities eating me alive

but am about to reach deep within a deal with my fears

am conflicted-derouted,eyes swell up a tear

there should be more meaning to this i havnt found it in years

sometimes i be alone go after sounds that i hear

me vs myself am trying to get my mind clear

am the one x3,my mind is my everything

Yo am imperfect,am still learning from the pioneers

but if i was your joke,i could also be your nightmare

i feel i was meant to do this,throw your hands in the air

i try to keep up a regular job and music on the same layer

but i go blurred,when life hits me up with its high glare

some night i look up to the stars and stare

demented thoughts,dammn this life is so kray

how did i end up here,with these questions i lay

am brown,why did i pick up the mic and think i was goin find a way?

but never mind,i started this i myself will end this

i saw a dream ,i left my past ever since,dont try to get in my way,or you will get rinsed

but lucys working i stare into the mirror and ask if i would ever win

am a sinner i know,i leave myself to think

whats happening,no matter what you keep paddling

my eyes on the goal,muscle up,spreading the wings AH

am the one x3,my mind is my everything

dont doubt me -if i could love

dont doubt me-if i could hate

coz i can shift the whole pattern and make the scene levitate

dont doubt if tomorrow i reshape so called fate

my mind is all,insights i gained from every stage

moments i missed out to live,just because i was afraid

life taught me much,i have learned to move with the weights

these voices inside me are trying to communicate

am i wasting too much time,trying to contemplate?

are these despairing thoughts too overstated?

sanboy listen up!! you are the reason why i started this

held on for twelve years,and aint going give good bye kiss

you vented your spleen and told me to quit

i didnt,coz i believed god had a better script,yea better script

am back!,am back with a spinning hook kick!!!

am the one x3,my mind is my everything

#SANJAIMT #mymind #intensity #sanjaimt #malayalierapper #rapperfromkerala #sanjaimt

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