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On Feb-14 2016, a romantic hip-hop fusion was released on you tube, which took up internet by storm. Bringing the hip hop element with beautiful Malayalam melody which stood as the central pull was widely celebrated for its gleeful vibe.Buzzed by many Celebs and Played across Popular radio stations and music channels,With more than 1,26,000 you tube hits, this projects stands undisputed, as one of the best rap fusion song that came out from Kerala.



Neeyane,Neeyane Neeyanente shwasame

Neeyane Neeyane Nee Ente Lokame

Neeyee,ennum neeyaee.

Verse 1

pain,is not my enemy anymore,my friend

rain is what you gave my heart,affected by drought

am proud of my love,prime moments

these cupids surrounding me,giving me butterflies am stoned!

in love with you i can't explain,still putting it our plain

you know what i mean

this is how i feel,when i step out the lights-hugging me

and the breeze kissing me tight,sun shining so bright

wings emanate,my heart is like a flight,elevates,steep takes,no breaks

adrenaline pumps,when am falling in love again

your face etched in my mind,the warmth attained

you are immaculate,my love levitates,your all that i want and all of me i dedicate!


Neeyane,Raavellam enn munnil neeyane

irulil en kanavil ninn niramane

en kanne,neeyane

en penne neeyane

Verse 2

do you remember,our first walk on the beach

i remember when i touched you under the beech

your hands reached my cheeks,i held your face

our first kiss,i remember my heart race and i freeze.

reminiscence-back then those laughs and fights

seasons when we flew kites

those nights-walking home under the street lights

you are the reason why i still write

you my lady,my baby,my homie,my shawdy

i could write endless poems to paint what you are to me

you my sunshine,and you are the wind that i embrace

i love everything about you and u leave me so amazed

you my fam,my soul revamped,am like a pumped up kid

whiz feeling to dance


Neeyane,manassil innake nin mozhiyane

mizhiyazhako shalabhathin chirakaane

en kanne,neeyane

en penne,neeyane

Verse 3

looking at you my heart rejoicing

beautiful memories that you bring

women you are the best thing

would you gemme your hands to put a ring

on your fingers and everyday for you i will sing

you will be my queen i cld be your king

my heart wouldn't lie,i follow the voice am hearing within

you are my everything!


Neeyane,Raavellam enn munnil neeyane

irulil en kanavil ninn niramane

en kanne,neeyane

en penne neeyane

Credit list

Music programmed,mixed and arranged Forte beatz productions. Video production Ambalayam productions Artists

San Jaimt Girish Chandran. Nithya. Sound engineer Retheesh Roy. Guitars Diago Mascarenhas(Masterplan Dubai). Mastering Siena Studio. Rap scenes Satish photography and crew. Associate Cameramen Vishnu Tom Hairstyle(Nithya)/ Choreographer Reshma. Production Controller Harish Chandran. Camera Neeraj Ravi. Assistant Director Ananthu. Creative Director Niteesh Kumar. Music direction San Jaimt. Story and Direction Girish Chandran.

#sanjaimt #Neeyane #SANJAIMT

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