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san jaimt


"Rap Prince Of Kerala"

- Deccan Chronicles.

"Truly a musician to watch out for"

- Metromatinee,Kochi,India

San Jaimt , born In Kerala (Kottayam) as Sanju Jaison, spend most of his school days in U.A.E, where hip-hop music was popular during his teenage days. Writing lousy lines on pieces of paper and performing in front of family and friends as a hobby, he later took up rap music as a career after he discovered that music was his passion and despite knowing the fact that its a genre that was considered underrated in India, he wanted to pursue his dream career as a rap artist. He educated himself about What hip-hop was really all about by listening and reading all about it. He mainly took inspiration from artists like Tupac, Eminem, and Rakim. San Jaimt developed his own style of delivery and wordplay patterns which helped him to carve a niche for himself in the Indian hip hop music scene.San Jaimt has worked with many renowned musicians and has been a part of many blockbuster molly-wood movies. He truly believes that everyone in this world has a purpose and he tries to inspire people through his music with messages that he considers indispensable. 

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